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Little Pim strives to make language learning accessible for all children. Their award-winning videos, books, flash cards, and CDs keep kids entertained while inspiring in them a lifelong love of language learning.

Their team approached us with a problem many eCommerce companies share: they were getting pretty significant web traffic, but visitors just weren’t converting. People were spending plenty of time on the site, but not enough shoppers were completing a purchase.

After many discussions with the company, we gained a better idea of their needs and goals for the new site. We started off the development process by conducting a rigorous audit of their current site’s content, design, and analytics. We also tested this site with real users and found where customers in Little Pim’s target market (parents of child ages 0-6) were getting lost, confused, or just plain annoyed.

Through our testing, it was clear that the current site’s navigation, design, and copy were causing major problems. Test users found the product categories confusing and had trouble locating the products they wanted. We also found that the current site was extremely difficult to use on mobile devices, even though 25% of their traffic was coming from iPhones and iPads.

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In developing our strategy for the new website, we used this analysis to design a website that was attractive, easy to use and optimized for all devices. We rewrote all of the copy on the site, highlighting the program’s research-backed method and critical acclaim to develop trust and credibility with customers. We completely reorganized the navigation and added new functionality to make it easier for users to find and filter products.

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