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We’re a new kind of digital agency - we don’t have an office that shuts down at 5pm, we don’t hide behind account managers, and we’re not bound by the typical bureaucratic agency structure.



We're an intentionally small team and we don't overcommit ourselves. This means we don't pitch for every project, and we schedule accordingly so we're able to deliver the timely and quality results our current clients rightfully expect. If we're not the right fit for your project, we'll be upfront about that and do our best to point you in the right direction.



We work to make the most of your team's internal resources and seamlessly collaborate with outside vendors and agencies that may be a part of your broader organization. We'll speak up about the work that we should handle and point out opportunities for your internal team to contribute and save budget in the process.

project management

Project Management

We don't have dedicated project managers. As a client you'll communicate directly with whoever is handling the scope of work at hand, which means you're discussing directly with James or Maggie.

This way nothing is lost in translation, and there is no overhead associated with middlemen who aren't creating deliverables. We're a small team, and the clients we work with appreciate this level of direct communication and lack of overhead expenses.



Before crafting a scope of work we take the time to learn the intricacies of each client and make deliberate and data-driven decisions regarding our recommendations.

We respectfully request target budget information from potential clients so we can provide personalized recommendations. While the pricing of individual project components doesn't vary based on the client (outside of economies of scale), we can adapt the scope of work to best fit your goals and budget.


Working on a limited number of projects at once keeps us in tune with our clients’ needs and allows us to offer a more personal experience. Plus, it ensures we still have time to ride our bikes.

James Heaney

James is the founder of Bicycle Creative, which he started in 2008 while a business and information technology student at the University of Pennsylvania. He provides his clients with a refreshingly personal, straightforward, and user-friendly approach to website design and development and delivers value-oriented solutions to meet their marketing goals.

Maggie Hagan

Maggie is primarily responsible for content strategy, copywriting, and social media marketing for Bicycle Creative’s clients. She excels at building customer trust through results-driven content and developing relationships through social media. Prior to joining Bicycle, Maggie worked for agencies serving clients such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, First Niagara Bank, and Zippo.

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