Social Media

Strategy & Management

Most brands realize that a social media presence is necessary. Using social media can help you stay relevant, show your brand’s personality, and improve brand awareness.

But your social media strategy needs to go beyond setting up a Facebook page and occasionally posting an update. We work with brands to develop a social media strategy tailored to their needs, goals and target audiences. As your social media partners, we can help you build an engaged community of users, increase your presence, find new leads, and drive traffic to your website.

Reporting & Analytics

We use analytics and reporting tools to consistently evaluate the effectiveness of our social media efforts and provide detailed insights and reporting on social traffic, conversions, your social media media following and interactions, and keyword trends. Our data-focused approach helps make sure you’re not wasting time or money on efforts that aren’t pay off.

Facebook & Twitter Advertising

With so many brands posting on social media, it’s not easy to be heard through all of the clutter. That’s why more brands are turning to advertising to increase their followings, drive sales and reach new customers. Check out our digital advertising services to learn more.


We begin every social media partnership with a comprehensive audit of your social media profiles. We’ll locate and document all of your profiles, check for completion of all details on these pages and for consistency in imagery and message, and examine performance over time, noting key metrics such as followers, reach and engagement. We’ll then conduct an industry comparison by following influencers in your niche and examining how they manage their brand and interact with followers on social media. We’ll use this competitive intelligence to make the right decisions for your social media accounts and offer a helpful comparison to others in your field. Last, we’ll make an action plan for improvements and goals for your accounts to help you start improving your social media performance right away.