Press & Public Relations

Strategy & Outreach

Our accredited public relations professional partners with clients to thoughtfully set goals and outline a strategic public relations plan with clearly defined deliverables and timelines. Working together, we can help develop and implement the right strategies to reach your company or organization’s goals, conduct the proper follow-up, and produce detailed reports to evaluate how well your goals have been met. We’ll also continually be adjusting and evolving our plans as needed and proactively identify good opportunities for our clients to take advantage of.

Press & Media Outreach

We can obtain quality media coverage for our clients through consistent, targeted pitching. Our team aims for meaningful, relevant and results-driven media placements and quotes, brand building profiles, and interviews with representatives from your company or organization within TV, radio, print and online. We can also assist with the proper follow-up and promotion of the press hits our clients receive.

Press & News Release Writing & Distribution Services

We can help ensure that our clients receive favorable media coverage from local, regional, national and industry specific media outlets through the targeted, steady release of important, timely, educational and impactful news and information. Designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, we can produce your press materials, optimize them for web search and browsing by using effective keywords, and distribute them on the proper channels.


Awards help gain exposure and allow companies, people and organizations to build well respected reputations. We can help identify the right award opportunities for our clients, draft and send submissions and nominations to honor their employees, company or organization, and oversee the proper follow-up for winners, including additional publicity and marketing opportunities. We’ll make sure to keep up to date with all pertinent business and civic awards offered on the local, state and national levels, as well as within any specific industries or profession.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Your search engine results represent who you are and influence your reputation online and in the marketplace. We can consistently monitor and curate your personal, company or organization’s presence online and the search engine results that are generated. We can also assist by helping build and curate a photo presence within search, determined by your goals, objectives, and how you want to represent yourself or your brand.