Digital Advertising

Social Media & Google AdWords

Whether your organization is large or small, digital advertising is one of the most targeted, cost effective means of driving traffic to your website and generating leads. Compared to traditional advertising, it’s a low-risk way of ensuring you’re putting your ads in front of the right people and avoiding paying for placements that have a low chance of converting users.

Facebook & Twitter Advertising

While organic Facebook and Twitter posting remains a key part of any comprehensive social media strategy, some brands find that they want the extra boost that advertising can offer. Facebook and Twitter advertising can help you get more people liking and following your brand on social media, engaging with your posts and visiting your website than organic posting alone.

We work with brands to develop a comprehensive Facebook and Twitter advertising strategy to help them reach prospective customers, fans and members, increase their followings, and drive sales. Using careful research and targeting, we create and place ads that help brands reach the people most likely to convert, so that they’re not wasting valuable advertising dollars showing ads to people who aren’t interested.

Through strategic execution, we’ve helped brands achieve as much as a 350% return on their Facebook advertising dollars--significantly higher than most see from traditional forms of advertising like print and radio.

Google AdWords

Paid search is an effective way for businesses and organizations, particularly those targeting local audiences, to drive traffic to their website, find new customers, and increase brand awareness. We work with brands to develop Google AdWords campaigns tailored directly to their needs and budget, no matter how large or small. Our digital marketing and copywriting experience allows us to craft paid search ads that convert and choose effective keywords that help you reach your target audience. And since you only pay when you get the results you want (such as getting clicks on your ad) there’s no need to worry about wasting advertising dollars on a commercial or print ad that no one sees.