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Headquartered in our hometown of Buffalo, Investigative Post is the only news organization in Western New York dedicated exclusively to producing watchdog journalism and training the next generation of investigative journalists. Investigative Post is one of about 50 non-profit investigative reporting centers established around the county over the past decade in response to staff cutbacks at newspapers and television stations that have limited the ability of traditional media outlets to produce in-depth journalism.

Nonprofit news organizations like Investigative Post primarily distribute their content through their websites and partnerships with established print and broadcast outlets. Because this prototype emphasizes online journalism over traditional media, we knew the “front page” of the organization needed to be the homepage of its website.

To reflect its modern journalistic model, we aimed for a simple, polished look, ensuring that the type of long-form content the organization publishes was both readable and attractive to visitors. We also kept in mind the organization’s nonprofit status to encourage readers to donate to support its work, no matter what page of the site they were visiting.

In less than a year and a half, the organization’s reach has grown significantly and is on pace to reach an aggregated audience of 8 million households in 2013. We continue to work with Investigative Post, handling all of its social media content distribution and monitoring, as well as assisting with analytics, copyediting, and general technical support.

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