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College Financing Group

Between the two of them, Rick Ross and Andy Leardini have over 40 years of financial aid and education lending experience. They provide college-bound students and families with objective, confidential expertise to save them time and money during the financial aid process. They also assist people with student debt, helping them figure out the best repayment plan for their situation and pay off their loans.

In designing College Financing Group’s website, we aimed for a professional, "academic" look, emphasizing Rick and Andy’s expertise while highlighting the benefits of their consulting services. When writing and editing the site’s copy, we strove to demystify the complicated financial aid and student loan repayment processes, using simple explanations to develop trust in College Financing Group and its advisors with students and families.

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Five years after being founded, the organization continues to grow. We also handle College Financing Group's online content development and distribution, writing a daily blog on financial aid and student loans, sharing posts on social media, and managing its social media communities.

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