User Experience (UX)

Research-backed design

Even the prettiest website will be ineffective if users can’t find their way around the site. That’s why we make a site’s usability a primary focus when designing and building websites. To us, designing a new website isn’t just about the look and feel--it’s about how it works.

Our research-backed web design and development process ensures that our clients receive an easy-to-use, effective website that has been tested and proven to perform for its user base, even before it’s launched.

We make websites for real users

What separates us from most agencies is our focus on the user experience (UX) throughout the web design and development process. When creating websites, the research and web design phases don’t exist independently--we’re continuously learning from the feedback and insights we receive from our clients and test users. No matter how much initial research we do, we recognize the need to constantly adapt and optimize for your target audiences.

To maximize a site’s usability, UX testing is an integral part of our web design and development process. We use feedback from testers in our clients’ target audiences to improve the site’s design and content and make it as easy as possible for visitors to navigate and accomplish specific goals on the site.

UX Testing

Already have a website and want to know what your users are thinking when they come to your website? Our UX testing service allows us to test real user responses to your website in all display formats, including mobile phones, tablets, and standard PCs. We can test users in your target demographics, create goals for them to accomplish on the site, and get feedback on the look, feel, and words of your website, as well as your organization as a whole.